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Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics Vol. 9 No. 1, May 2019

Implementing A Multimodal Online Program For Very Young Learners Of Russian: Educators' Perspective -- Albina Kayumova, Gulnara Sadykova -- 1-13rnTransitivity, Paradigmatic Choices, And Thought Presentation: A Stylistic Analysis Of Joyce’s Eveline -- Bonifacio Tala Cunanan -- 14-26rnAnalysing Literacy And Other Psychological Tendencies Using Linguistic Profile In English Expressive Writing: Are Students Able But Unwilling To Write? -- Bonita Lee, Annisa Fitria, Henndy Ginting -- 27-37rnIdeational Meanings Of Science And Interpersonal Position Of Readers In Science Textbooks For Basic Level In Indonesia -- Budi Hermawan, F.X Rahyono -- 38-47rnMetalinguistic Evaluators And Pragmatic Strategies In Selected Hate-Inducing Speeches In Nigeria -- Chuka Fred Ononye, Nkechinyere Juliana Nwachukwu -- 48-57rnDesigned-In And Contingent Scaffolding In The Teaching Practice Groups Model -- David Mallows -- 58-66rnTeaching English In The Industry 4.0 And Disruption Era: Early Lessons From The Implementation Of Smelt I 4.0 De In A Senior High Lab School Class -- Didi Suherdi -- 67-75rnExploring Logical Connectors In Journals With Different Indexing Levels: A Comparison Between International And National Indexed Journals -- Eri Kurniawan, Dallyono Ruswan, Avika Cahyowati -- 76-84rnLinguistic Landscape At Yogyakarta’s Senior High Schools In Multilingual Context: Patterns And Representation -- Erna Andriyanti -- 85-97rnThe Level Of Awareness And Production Of English Lexical Stress Among English Language Teacher Trainees In Malaysia --- Ernie Adnan, Stefanie Pillai, Poh Shin Chiew -- 98-107rnContinuing Professional Development And Teachers’ Perceptions And Practices - A Tenable Relationship -- Iga Lokita Purnamika Utami, Sarah Prestridge, Ali Saukah, Fuad Abdul Hamied -- 108-118rnHumour Loss In The Indonesian Translation Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone -- Issy Yuliasri, Pamela Allen -- 119-127rnRecontextualising Naplan: A Functional Analysis Of Evaluations In Media Texts --- Lungguh Ariang Bangga, Iwa Lukmana -- 128-137rnKindergartners’ Morphological Awareness, Its Instruction And Guidance In The Indonesian Context -- M. Solehuddin, Wawan Gunawan, Eri Kurniawan -- 138-147rnInterrelationships Of Emotional Intelligence With The Awareness Of Request And Apology Strategies In An Efl Setting -- Zohreh Ghenaati, Ma’ssoumeh Bemani Naeini -- 148-156rnWhat Makes Efl Speakers’ Utterances More Intelligible In The Context Of Global Intelligibility? -- M. Moedjito, Selamet Riadi Jaelani, Maman Asrobi -- 157-166rnThe Discursive Portrayals Of Indonesian Muslims And Islam In The American Press: A Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis -- Muchamad Sholakhuddin Al Fajri -- 167-176rnThe Interplay Between Pronunciation Self-Efficacy Sources And Self-Efficacy Beliefs: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach -- Muhammad Waleed Shehzad, Ali Alghorbany, Sana Anwar Lashari, Tahira Anwar Lashari, Shazma Razzaq -- 177-187rnExploring Process ‘Verbs’ In Efl Postgraduates’ Citations: A Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach -- Nayef Jomaa Jomaa, Siti Jamilah Bidin --- 188-201rnVariations In The Use Of Discourse Markers By L1 And L2 English Users -- Remart Padua Dumlao, Jeffrey Dawala Wilang -- 202-209rnResponding To Islamic Religious Conducts: Situating Morality Through Critical Reading Literacy Task On Cartoons For Indonesian Efl Muslim Learners - - Reni Kusumaningputri -- 210-218rnDevelopment Of An Instrument To Measure Efl Teachers’ Perceptions Of Reflective Teaching -- Rokhsareh Ghorbani Moghaddam -- 219-230rnExploring Efl Learner Autonomy In The 2013 Curriculum Implementation -- Sa'adah Ramadhiyah, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati -- 231-240rnNative-Speakerism And Professional Teacher Identity In L2 Pronunciation Learning -- Sharif Alghazo, Mahmoud Zidan -- 241-251rn



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Vol. 9 No. 1, May 2019
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